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Software Engineering

Computer Software Engineers are involved in the design and development of software for operating systems, network distribution, and compilers. Software engineers must possess strong programming skills. They often work as part of a team. The U.S. Department of Labour projects computer software engineers to be one of the fastest growing occupations.

This Diploma Program is designed for students who are seeking a career as computer professionals, as Software Engineers, Web Developers, Computer Programmers, Internet Support Specialist, Technical Support Specialist, or entry level consulting positions. Software development together with business development is a core component of E-Technology. This course covers popular certification programs from various IT Companies depending on the selected options.

Math aptitude is desired for a student considering this program. 

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Our programs will be offered remotely until it is safe for onsite classes to resume. 


Canadian Business College - Toronto:
2 Bloor Street West 22nd Floor, Toronto, Ontario M4W 3E2, Canada

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