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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technologist

The pharmaceutical sector is exploding, with demand for skilled labour never being higher. So much so that employers are coming straight to Oxford College’s program to recruit our graduates.

Oxford College’s intensive Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technologist program is specifically designed to bring you complete, hands-on training. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of pharmaceutical drug development and manufacturing.

The only things you need are your Grade 12 high school diploma and your desire to grow in this ever-changing and exciting field of work.

Students will learn how to:

  • Operate electronic or computerized control panels from a central control room to monitor and optimize physical and chemical processes for several processing units
  • Control processes start-up, shutdown, and troubleshooting
  • Monitor outside process equipment
  • Adjust equipment, valves, pumps, and controls, and process equipment
  • Authorize or co-sign maintenance work orders
  • Shut down, isolate, and prepare process units or production equipment for maintenance
  • Sample products, perform tests, record data, carry out statistical process control on process operations, and write production logs
  • Develop operator procedures for normal operation, start-up, or shutdown of unit
  • Participate in safety audits and programs, and provide emergency response when required
  • Ensure adherence to safety and environmental regulations


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Founded in 2003, Oxford College offers professional diplomas in healthcare, social services, technology, and business.

Oxford College is dedicated to meeting the ever-changing needs of our students. We are proudly recognized for our exceptional quality of education and our strong knowledge of hiring trends set by the marketplace.

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Oxford College of Arts, Business and Technology - Scarborough:
670 Progress Avenue , Scarborough, Ontario M1H 3A4, Canada

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