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Address: 128G 28 Street SE, Calgary, Alberta T2A 6J9, Canada
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Sundance College's mission is to support career success for all students. 

Celebrate Campus Life

Meet new friends. Develop new social opportunities. Study alongside fellow students in a positive supportive environment which celebrates success!

Career-Focused Programming

Seize the opportunity to choose a career field you want to work in. Sundance programs are designed to support students with job-ready skills needed by today's employers.

Program Access

Some institutions may require students to wait years to be deemed eligible, get accepted and start.
Sundance will help you to complete your program and start earning money in your new career field quicker!

Convenient Timely Start Dates

Sundance provides continuous enrollment convenient for students, not for the institution. Therefore it is never too late to start your program.

Short Effective Programs

Sundance diploma programs are condensed to teach the needed skills and knowledge required by today's employers in 6 to 16 months, instead of the traditional 2-4 years at a public institution.

Career Services Job Search and Employer-Matching Services

Get free career services to find that dream job including resume and market material development, job search support, employer referrals and introductions, and job interview preparation!

Gain Crucial Industry Experience in All Programs

Sundance ensures that all students are able to receive practical work experience with real-world employers. Looks great on a resume, helps transition to a new career field, and up to 50% of students receive job offers from the practicum employers!


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Sundance College - Calgary:
128G 28 Street SE, Calgary, Alberta T2A 6J9, Canada


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