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Business Management

You got to where you are now with perseverance, commitment, and dedication. These traits will help you take your career even further.

Organizations look for these drivers to propel them forward. It’s no secret businesses need to grow, evolve, and adapt to stay successful. If there’s one constant in the world of business, it’s change.

Your Oxford College diploma in Business Management lets prospective employers know you are up to the challenge. You not only adapt to change, you welcome it. Get the comprehensive education you need to explore a range of career opportunities in the field of business.

Students will learn how to:

  • Provide advice and analyses on managerial methods and organization for public and/or private sector establishments
  • Conduct research to determine efficiency and effectiveness of managerial policies and programs
  • Assess and propose improvements to methods, systems, and procedures in such areas as operations, human resources, communications, and records management
  • Conduct quality audits as well as develop quality management and assurance standards for International Organization for Standardization registration
  • Plan an institution’s reorganization of its operations
  • Provide supervisory assistance of contracted researchers and/or clerical staff


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Founded in 2003, Oxford College offers professional diplomas in healthcare, social services, technology, and business.

Oxford College is dedicated to meeting the ever-changing needs of our students. We are proudly recognized for our exceptional quality of education and our strong knowledge of hiring trends set by the marketplace.

We offer an effective, well-rounded education and a vibrant learning community at our five campuses in Ontario. In addition to providing superlative education, Oxford College focuses intently on career training—a crucial factor to succeed in high-demand industries.

Our programs start monthly, not just once or twice a year, so you can get started on your career path right away.


Oxford College of Arts, Business and Technology - Mississauga:
1300 Central Pkwy W, Mississauga, Ontario L5C 4G8, Canada

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